S. Korea thanks countries near Gaza for assisting in evacuation of S. Korean family

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SEOUL -- The foreign ministry expressed gratitude Friday to countries near the besieged Gaza Strip for their efforts in helping a South Korean family evacuate from the war-torn region via a border crossing into Egypt.

"The government expresses gratitude to the governments of Qatar, Egypt and Israel for their efforts in ensuring the safe evacuation of five South Korean nationals," foreign ministry spokesperson Lim Soo-suk said in a commentary.

"In particular, we extend our thanks to the Qatari government for the mediation efforts to reach an agreement among the parties involved," Lim said.

A South Korean family of five crossed into Egypt unharmed via the Rafah border Thursday in an evacuation from the Gaza Strip. They are known to be a South Korean woman, her naturalized husband of Palestinian descent and their three children.

The ministry also welcomed that foreigners and critically injured Palestinians who had been staying in the Gaza Strip have been able to evacuate safely through the Rafah border, saying it highly appreciates the efforts of related countries.

The ministry also called for continued efforts to ensure the sufficient and swift provision of humanitarian aid to the civilians in the Gaza Strip. (Yonhap)